At School/On-site

Extra Ed has figured out how to engage students and has made our job of identifying quality programs to run in our school a no brainer!
Katina Sutcliffe, John Fisher Public School Parent Council

Supporting School Curriculum

Extra Ed offers At School/On-Site courses during and after-school to make group learning accessible for everyone! Our cross-curricular offerings actively encourage areas such as Critical Thinking, Social Awareness, Financial Literacy, Language Skills, and Team Building.

Our rapidly expanding district learning partners include the Toronto District School Board (TDSB), York Region and Peel District, and our curriculum is designed to augment the existing educations offerings while going beyond.

All Extra Ed courses are designed to be flexible to your school schedule: during school hours, after-school, PA Days and holiday periods. Programs are for students aged 6-18, and are designed as enhancements for current school curriculum (even though they don’t feel like being in class).

At School/On-Site PROGRAMS