Delivered As: In-class enrichment, Lunch / After School Clubs, Before School Clubs
Available To: Junior kindergarten to grade 12
Available In: English and French


The world is your stage! At each level of Extra Ed's Drama Club, participants will explore the different elements of the dramatic arts, from all the skills involved in acting, to the behind-the-scenes work of set design, costumes & props, to the key elements in effective storytelling and the techniques involved in playwriting.

Kindergarten Dramatic Storytime

Unique, active and fun activities have students practicing how to manage their feelings, bodies, voices, and faces and guides them in how to use their whole selves to portray different roles. In this program full of storytelling, games, fun exercises and real-life examples of drama in action, students will develop the ability to adopt different roles, express themselves in different ways, and present themselves confidently in different scenarios. Puppets, costumes, props and stories from around the world and across time inspire young students to transform themselves and inhabit new experiences.

Drama level 1

Students are exposed to different dramatic traditions, dramatics devices and dramatic applications. From reproducing scenes from famous and obscure stories to creating new characters and scenes themselves, each student learns to share their experiences, interests and creativity with confidence and learns to inhabit brand new experiences convincingly.

Drama level 2

Creating new experiences and worlds together! Students build on their knowledge of dramatic devices and their acquired acting skills to write, design, direct and act original dramatics works. Team work, delegation, and a lot of fun underlie this hand-on experience of being in the world of theatre and drama.