If your child is passionate about making music or being on stage, our courses can tap into their inner performer and inspire fearless self-expression.

A performance can mean many things, whether it’s telling a funny story, presenting a school speech, or writing a song for your ears only. Our instructors infuse both group-based learning and hands-on lessons with their professional experience, doing everything from teaching the basics of a musical scale or story arc to emulating live performances (just on a smaller scale!).

Get ready to master that elusive F guitar chord or improvise a clever one-liner as you build confidence, effectively communicate, and learn from instructors, peers, and yourself!


Whether you have dreams of leading campfire sing-alongs or starting an innovative music collective, our guitar courses can get you started.

If you enjoy asking random people for a party theme or turning a simple stage into a parking lot, a pet shop, and then a 5-star restaurant, check out our improv courses!

Each magician has a unique style, so whether your child wants to pull a rabbit out of a hat or invent a truly enigmatic card trick, sign up for one of our magic courses!

Musical theatre is a wonderful way for young people to express themselves, combining countless skills and techniques!

A good joke can seem effortless in its delivery, but telling a true knee-slapper requires skill!

The world is your stage! At each level of Extra Ed's Drama Club, participants will explore the different elements of the dramatic arts