Available As: In Person/ On-site , Online, Private groups.
Available To: Ages 6 -18
Delivered As: In-class enrichment, Lunch / After School Clubs, Before School Clubs
Available In: English and French


Extra Ed’s engaging and experienced language instructors love to lead lively second language clubs where games, interactive activities, and fun learning tools make learning a second language come alive for beginner and more advanced students of all ages.

Greek / Ελληνικά

Portuguese / Ελληνικά

Italian / Italiana

Ukrainian / Українська

Mandarin / 普通话

Spanish / Español

Hebrew / עִברִית

Arabic / اللغة العبرية

Primary Second Language - Grades 1-3

Individual and group games, hands-on projects such as art-making and cooking, interactive activities such as lego and science experiments and engaging sources from books and films make our primary language clubs fun for all kids and effective for all types of learners.

Junior/Middle Second Language - Grades 4-8

A mix of technology-based and hands-on activities such as video-making, board games, theatre production, and photography along with original sources such as literature, film and music, provide the base for fun and meaningful language-learning experiences that appeal to Junior and Middle Schoolers and which usher in meaningful and memorable language learning.

Beginners clubs
Beginner language clubs focus on developing vocabulary and pronunciation, progressing to practicing sentence structure and syntax in familiar contexts such as home life and school.

Intermediate clubs
Intermediate clubs are where students who are familiar with basic vocabulary and can understand common phrases learn to expand their vocabulary and form sentences that will enable them to pose and answer questions and engage in dialogues.

Advanced clubs
Advanced clubs are for students who can understand and speak the second language, who are ready to learn to formulate more complex communications in both oral and written formats, using more sophisticated sources such as literature, art and music.

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