Available As: In Person/ On-site , Online, Private groups.
Available To: K - 12 and Adult programs
Delivered As: In-class enrichment, Lunch / After School Clubs, Before School Clubs
Available In: English and French


New media is an evolving field of expertise that helps to make sense of the world around us and communicate it in digital, print and voice production. It uses storytelling, artistic expression, and thoughtful journalism to share ideas and sway opinion.

Extra Ed provides hands-on practice and an understanding of how new media impacts individuals and societies. TDSB says that “Media Arts provides students with the opportunity to reflect on the social, cultural, and historical contexts of media art, which enhances their understanding of the world in which they live.”

Extra Ed New Media programs are designed to introduce and advance both novice and experienced new media artists in the latest new media technologies, the newest applications of media arts and in the age-old principles of creating impactful, meaningful and exciting messages through media.

The Eyes of a Video Editor:

Learn how to use the latest video editing software to apply an exciting array of digital editing techniques, including keyframing, titling and compositing, in this hands-on program which starts from your very own videos as well as stock footage.

A note on equipment
Students are required to bring their own laptop for this program that can run a full version of any web browser. This excludes tablets.
Levels: ▼

1ière à 3ième année:

Level 1: Learn how to edit videos to your favourite music.

Level 2: Experiment with different editing techniques to make
your videos fun and energetic.

Level 3: Learn how to use both simple and complex editing techniques to take your videos to the next level!

4ième à 8ième année

Level 1: Learn the principles of Hollywood-style editing and how to use it.

Level 2: Learn an exciting diverse range of editing techniques such as jump cuts, crossoves, cutaways and montages.

Level 3: Learn how to bring cinematography and editing together to make unforgettable videos for your friends and classmates!

Post Design:

Let’s go VIRAL! This course focuses on the design and production of graphic design marketing assets such as film posters/digital flyers configured for different contexts such as: Instagram carousel posts, and print-outs.

Levels: ▼

1ière à 3ième année:

Level 1: Understanding how to use colour by learning to use the software Adobe Colour to make your designs stand out.

Level 2: Go viral by creating amazing social media posts using the latest graphic design software and layout design techniques.

4ième à 8ième année

Level 1: Understand the principles of layout, colour theory, and typography to tell the world about something exciting, like a birthday party or a concert!

Level 2: Stand out from the rest by learning to design your own social media post using the latest graphic design software.

Let’s Make a Podcast!:

An overview of the principles of sound design, including recording and editing, to create an amazingly addictive podcast everyone will love!

Levels: ▼

1ière à 3ième année:

Level 1: How to start a fun podcast using the latest technology.

Level 2: How to add sound effects (SFX) and music in addition to your voice to make for great storytelling!

Grades 4-8 (ages 9-13)

Level 1: Understand how to best project your voice as well as record and edit your own creative stories using the latest technology.

Level 2: Learn professional podcasting standards that will wow your fans!

Real or Fake News?:

In this media literacy program, fun challenges and funny projects invite kids to learn and play with the ‘tricks of the trade’ in new media reporting. Once you know how fakes are made, you can’t be fooled!

Levels: ▼

1ière à 3ième année:

Level 1: Understanding how untruths can be shown through words, pictures and videos, and how to find the truth.

Level 2: Looking at specific examples of fake news to see how we can tell something is being hidden from us. Create your own fake news story!

4ième à 8ième année

Level 1: Examining case studies and examples of online news articles to determine their credibility so you can realize that when the product is free (using Facebook), the real product is YOU!

Level 2: Understanding the capitalist interests behind clickbait articles and online content.

Legacy Stories Are Forever:

The production of a short documentary film that honours the voice and lived experience of a beloved family member with great, exciting stories to tell!

Levels: ▼

1ière à 3ième année:

Level 1: how to shoot video of your interviews to make them impactful and exciting

Level 2: how to edit your interview videos to make a fun documentary

4ième à 8ième année

Level 1: best practices for shooting one and two camera setups of your interview subjects

Level 2: how to edit together interviews of one and two camera videos with b-roll, music and sound effects (SFX).

Class Graduation Video!:

The production of a class graduation video or video yearbook that celebrates the accomplishments of the year and to welcome in what’s to come.

Levels: ▼

(All ages)

Level 1: looking at different styles of graduation videos from dance videos, poetry to documentary style and where to start in shooting and editing them using the latest software. We will look at different styles of graduation videos from dance videos, poetry to documentary style.

Level 2: understanding and implementing the best practices of cinematography, camera movement and lighting to get the best shots.

Level 3: How to edit your video, add music/sound effects, and cool graphics and titles using the latest software technology.

Music Video:

The creation of a music video set to your favourite song!

Levels: ▼

1ière à 3ième année:

Level 1: How to find a good song perfect for videos!

Level 2: How to find the best videos that use ‘movement’ to create excitement.

4ième à 8ième année

Level 1: How to incorporate songs into video-making and adding it to the latest video editing software.

Level 2: Understanding the visual language and pacing of professional music videos and how to implement your own style with hands-on training.

Drone Videography:

An introduction into shooting video with a drone, including flying a drone (limited to six students).

Levels: ▼

4ième à 8ième année

Level 1: an overview on the safety precautions and how a drone works, followed by a demo on how to get setup on your drone with a smartphone.

Level 2: hands-on practice flying a real-life camera-equipped drone, with a focus on taking off and landing
Level 3: how to get the best shots for your videos when flying a real-life camera-equipped drone.

So You Wanna Be a Media Artist?:

An inspirational session on how to get your ideas out there by accessing arts council funding, social media, and community exhibitions.
(one off, all ages)