Available As: In Person/ On-site , Online, Private groups.
Available To: Ages 6 -18
Delivered As: In-class enrichment, Lunch / After School Clubs, Before School Clubs
Available In: English and French


Get ready to draw some inspiration! In our Visual Arts programs, you’ll make amazing illustrations and compose the perfect scene as you learn valuable artistic skills. Create the kind of artwork you’d be proud to hang on your wall. Extra Ed offers online Digital Art and Comic Book/Graphic Novel Creation to encourage young artists to bring to life their own creative concepts under the expert tutelage of our pro art instructors.

Intro to Drawing, Sketching, and Comic Book & Cartooning

 In this introductory course, students will develop basic drawing, sketching, and cartooning skills. They’ll start with linework, framing, and combining shapes before moving onto simple character design and realistic facial expressions. Students will also study object and background drawing as well as drawing from different perspectives, learning how to design and manipulate not just individual objects but their own tiny universe.

From here, students can choose which drawing style they prefer and continue with one of our specialized Visual Arts programs.

Comic Book & Cartooning Level 1

Continue to develop your cartoon-drawing fundamentals as you explore the world of comics!

Students will study simple and intermediate character design, learning how to create original, expressive cartoon characters. Students will also learn how to structure individual comic panels and entire pages, and study simple storytelling techniques and character dialogue to create original, visually-striking comic art.

Comic Book & Cartooning Level 2

Students will explore advanced character design and story development in this course. They will learn how to visually express more detailed character traits and emotions, 3D drawing, and how to draw an eye-catching comic book cover. Students will also study more sophisticated written storytelling and learn how their words can best support their new cartoon creations.

Digital Art Level 1

Explore the basic capabilities of digital art creation with this introductory course. Students will be introduced to common digital art software and its capabilities, studying how to illustrate and edit objects and characters from start to finish. Topics of study include brush and colour tools, layers, selections, image manipulation, and basic pixel art.

Digital Art Level 2 

Building on a basic understanding of common drawing software, students will explore how to make simple black-and-white line art pop! Starting from scratch, they will incorporate comic and anime-style digital colour, dazzling special effects, and more, being guided by instructors on how to make even the zaniest vision come to life.