Course Overview

Available To: Kindergarten to Grade 8

Available In-class, Lunch Clubs, After School Clubs, Before School Clubs

Available In: English and French

This course is designed to complement the existing school curriculum

Course Start Dates Length of Course Instructor COST Pay-what-you-can
Coming Soon... If cost is a barrier, just pay what you can. COVID-19 has hurt many financially - including us - but our programs remain accessible to all. Please respect this honour system.
New Programs beginning Fall 2020

Ready, Set, Build!

Lego is one of Extra Ed’s most popular programs. It’s no wonder, who doesn’t love using their imagination and mind to work with their besties and bring bricks to life? It’s thrilling, it’s empowering, and it’s fun.

Building with Lego taps into so many creative, emotional, and skill-based areas for students, it’s hard not to feel fully engaged in this program.

Extra Ed places students in small groups tasked with creating different theme-based structures each time. Instructors set the parameters for the build, and following an intense brainstorming session, creativity is unleashed, and students build to the highest levels their imaginations will take them. Spoiler alert: this often leads to the ultimate 3D structures!

We are always amazed, and so are they, by what students can do when they work together to create in a space powered by them. Extra Ed’s Lego program allows students to take control of their destiny and shine big.

An Extraordinary Education

  • Lego develops problem solving and mathematical thinking.
  • Lego improves creativity and communication skills as students describe their creations.
  • Lego develops persistence and improves self-esteem.