Course Overview

Available To: Grades 1-8

Available In-class, Lunch Clubs, After School Clubs, Before School Clubs

Available In: English and French

This course is designed to complement the existing school curriculum

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New Programs beginning Fall 2020

Shakespeare was right, all the world is a stage! That’s why Extra Ed is excited to teach students how to perform on it.

Our high energy Performance courses help students develop their public speaking skills while learning to tell engaging stories, think on their feet, and create in the moment. Our program helps students earn their confidence and learn how to carry themselves as performers.

Extra Ed offers 3 courses designed to develop students’ ability to be in the moment with spirit and energy.

Lessons are offered for 3 Skill Levels and students advance to the next Level when they complete the previous Level. Each course is offered one time per week over 8 weeks and ends with a final day performance.

Improv (Level 1 – Level 3) Grades 1-8

  • Level 1 – We start from the beginning of ensemble work where learning is doing. Students learn how to be fully attentive and participate in fun games and exercises as a group.
  • Level 2 – As we advance in improv, students begin to learn the tools and techniques to develop their voice and express themselves within an ensemble.
  • Level 3 – The curtain rises, and students focus on performance and being part of an ensemble where they learn to immerse themselves across a variety of improve scenarios.

Stand Up Comedy (Level 1 – Level 3) Grades 1-8

  • Level 1 - This beginners course starts with students feeling comfortable with public speaking and learning how to talk about themselves and their lives in engaging humorous ways.
  • Level 2 – Level 2 builds on Level 1 as students begin to learn the timing and language of comedy and how to deliver an effective punchline. B’domph pah!
  • Level 3 – Practice, Practice, Practice! Students get lots of performance opportunities as they write material and bits and deliver it to their peers and instructor for feedback, input and laughs!

Musical Theatre (Level 1 – Level 3) Grades 1-8

  • Level 1 – Students learn the basics of performing in a musical through use of voice, energy, acting, dance and exaggerated movement, and understand the difference between performing in a play versus performing in a musical.
  • Level 2 – Parts and direction are introduced as students learn to bring their roles to life in a series of small productions.
  • Level 3 – Building on Level 2, students spend the entire 8 weeks learning and rehearsing their parts in a large scale production.

An Extraordinary Education

  • Performance helps students discover their independence as they learn how to carry themselves and react in the moment.
  • Performance boosts creative thinking and the ability to navigate through complexity and uncertainly.
  • Performance provides students with the opportunity to experience the joys of camaraderie and building trust in others.