Custom Financial Literacy Programs

Course Overview

Our financial literacy programs can be customized for both school and non-school settings alike.

If you are a school that wants one of our financial literacy programs to have a particular focus, or that has unique scheduling needs, we can easily make it work.

For non-school settings, our financial literacy programs are also eminently flexible. From small private groups (which can include parents and children), to presenting as guests in university seminars, to corporate engagements, our programs can seamlessly adjust to fit, and fit well, into any setting.

The best part about a custom program is that you can work with us to create a specific version of the materials that focuses on specific topics that you want.

Tempted as we are to bombard your device with endless possibilities of what can be created, we find that the best and easiest way to get started is a phone call or email.

Please get in touch and let us know what you are looking for!