Arts Programs

Extra Ed’s arts programs are fun, first and foremost. But while children are busy having fun, our arts programs also provide a nurturing environment where they are challenged to rethink what they are capable of:  from the more reserved child standing up in front of a group improvising or telling a joke, to the child with no musical background developing the fine motor skills they never knew they had while playing an instrument, we are always blown away to see students in our arts programs build their self-confidence, work well with others, and learn skills that last a lifetime.

Fostering an appreciation for the arts is a pillar of a well-rounded education.  For some, our classes may very well be the beginning of a lifelong passion.  For others, our classes can be a way to spend time laughing with their friends, all the while developing a wide range of skills that will serve them well long after their program ends.

Please take a look at the arts programs we currently offer:

Current Programs