Course Overview

Available To: Adults of all Ages

Available As: Online Instructor-led Lessons

Available In: English and French

Course Start Dates Length of Course Instructor Cost Pay-what-you-can
Coming Soon If cost is a barrier, just pay what you can. COVID-19 has hurt many financially - including us - but our programs remain accessible to all. Please respect this honour system.
New Programs beginning Fall 2020

In this progressive program, our Photography Pros teach you all the tricks and techniques involved in setting up the perfect shot. You will also build a full portfolio of your own pictures using a variety of shot and editing techniques, and photo styles.

A different focus will be applied to each Level of the program so that you receive a full overview of Photographic Arts.

  • Level 1 – Focus on Photography basics: shot types, composition, angles, focus, shutter speed and use of natural light. This course opens you up to a world of alternate shot possibilities.
  • Level 2 – Now we progress to focus on the different types of photography such as landscape, portrait, nature, events and products, so you can expand your photo range.
  • Level 3 – Finally we move into the virtual darkroom and learn about Photo Editing. Here you will learn how to crop, colour correct, filter, set the aspect ratio, and use special effects to make magic happen.

An Extraordinary Education

  • Photography lets you see things that you may otherwise not notice.
  • Photography inspires your creativity and imagination.
  • Photography allows you to document your journey through life.
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