Our Vision

Welcome to Extra Ed! We’re so happy you’re here! Our expert instructors are all about engaging the whole learner, and we want to invite you to join us as we deliver extraordinary educational programs that teach essential life skills; all while contributing to a better environment in which kids can thrive.

An Extraordinary Education

At Extra Ed, when we talk about delivering an extraordinary education, we are talking about empowering people with the building blocks for life. Whether it’s introducing kids to financial literacy, new and different cultures, strategic thinking, or working with their hands, our programs are designed to nurture better brains for an ever-changing and demanding world. Our stellar programming has earned the respect of school boards across the country, including the Toronto District School Board (TDSB), the largest school board in Canada.

Extra Ed started as a small but highly capable team delivering a growing roster of innovative after-school programs in elementary, middle and high schools throughout the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

When the pandemic forced everyone indoors, we expanded our offerings to include online programs, which have captured everything that made in-person so special to so many. It’s been a great success! We’ve discovered that any environment can inspire learning so long as you have engaging teachers, engrossing content, and conscientious learners.

An Extraordinary Environment

When talking about education, meaningful content and exciting delivery are key elements in effective learning, but where you learn is just as important as what you learn. This means going beyond real world application of skills to also nurture a healthy respect and appreciation for the natural world that inspires us.

At Extra Ed, we want to keep our world a place where inspiration can continue to be drawn. We believe that intent-driven actions can and do make a meaningful difference. From our tree-planting excursions to facilitating waste-free spaces through our district partners, we invite you to join us in-person, or by following us on Instagram or via our blog. Together, we will continue to take our individual strides to shape a better world for everyone living here on planet Earth.

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