Our Vision

Extra Ed is a social enterprise with two main goals:

1) We aim to deliver meaningful educational programs that teach essential life skills, or, at the very least, the building blocks for them.  While we believe that the technical materials covered in our programs alone go a long way toward achieving this objective, we take it a step further by connecting those materials directly to people’s lives, to their values, and to the world around them.

Our educational programming has evolved a great deal. We started out many years ago running financial literacy programs in elementary, middle, and high schools throughout the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), but have grown into an organization that runs a multitude of programs across many subjects, for both children and adults. And while we remain a leader in on-site, in-person school programming, we have seamlessly evolved into the digital and online space for all ages as well.

2) Extra Ed is an organization devoted to making a difference environmentally.  We know that a small organization like ours cannot fix everything, but we are also committed to the ideal that small actions make a difference.  

Being a positive force environmentally is a core part of Extra Ed’s values.  We have chosen an approach that begins with us, and extends to taking as many other concrete, pro-active steps as we are capable of. Please take a look at what we are up to!


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